Re: Dead track area dcc


It could be track!  I have found a number of Rail Joiners that just don't make good contact. Although rare, it has happened. I have also discovered a number of cold solder joint connections on tracks. It happened more on Brass track than on Nickel Silver but I have them show up occasionally. It even happens inside soldered Rail Joiners too. 

On Monday, June 25, 2018 12:09 PM, emrldsky <azMikeG@...> wrote:

There is probably a good electrical connection to the track, so it is not that.. Very probably there is a "slight" dip in one or both tracks, so one or more wheels is actually not touching the track. I have run into this a few times. Hold a long straight edge on each rail, individually and look for a gap between the rail and the straight edge.

Mike G.

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