How to wire a large garden extension layout


I’m Kim and I Model UK O Gauge with a friend here in Western Australia.
I’m helping to extend his o gauge 8m end to end, garage layout into the garden. He is using a NCE Radio Procab handset linked to a SB3a 5amp system with a EB1 circuit breaker and a RB02 wireless base station.
I / we need help re what size the wiring will need to be and what further NCE equipment is needed.
The 8m existing layout has an extension of 6m twin mainline which will go into a storage area inside a shed, then the twin lines go out into the garden on a 10m long raised curved section which will then connect to a twin track oval approx 50m total run round in length.
So we need to find out how to add to the NCE system to allow us to use wireless procab hand sets around the garden area, which I assume means adding at least 1 x DB5 booster and because of the distances a second wireless base station linked to it?
We intend to wire each section of track and pointwork with 24 strand dropper wire but we are not sure on the size of the main bus wire.
All trackwork will be approx 1.2m above ground level so no buried wires.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Kim

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