Re: Detecting shorts?


Are you using the meter intermittently? Leaving it on will run down the battery quickly.

I recommend making the buzzer and clipping it to the rails or better, the main track connection with alligator clips. It will always be "on" so when a short occurs you will be notified immediately. Additionally you would not have move from where you might be to check.

An alternative would be a battery and a lamp/LED. It's passive, you would need to check it when each connection is made, not listen.


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Hi - many sites recommend using a homemade short circuit detection buzzer while laying track. I’m wondering if a continuity setting on a multimeter would accomplish the same thing? In other words, if you connected a lead to each rail and you had crossed your wires, would the continuity beep on the multimeter indicating that you had a flow of current from one rail to the other? Or would that not work?

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