Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0

Douglas Harrison <sd90mach@...>

I have a interesting problem with this loco. Some months ago it was knocked off my work bench and hit the concrete floor. The only damage I could find, at the time, was the hold down peg under the cab floor was broken off. Repaired that, put it all back together and tried a test run. It jerked, hesitated and would not preform well as it used to. The loco and tender were not joined together, only the loco came to grief!!
I packed it up and put it away and a couple of days ago decided to have a really good investigation to see if I could work out what was causing the erratic running. Stripped it down to it's basic units, tested the motor and side frames and the motor ran very smoothly. Check the running gear, it had no problems, put these two sub assemblies back together and all ran smoothly. Coupled the tender and loco back together and the same problem was there. The only thing I can put this down to is that there is an intermittent break in one of the cables between the two components, if so how does one repair these. The price of these parts from Bachmann is reasonable, but the international shipping rates are outlandish.
Ant one have any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this.
Douglas Harrison
New Zealand.

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