Re: Wiring a Helix for DCC

John Cahill

Guess my next layout will be plywood painted with diluted PVA to seal it! We don’t get extremes in temperature but humidity can go from very dry temperate climate to cold wet, and change can be fast. 

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On 9 Jun 2018, at 16:15, Dale Gloer <dale.gloer@...> wrote:

John,  the expansion/contraction issue with any kind of wood is mostly related to the humidity of the environment, not so much on temperature.  Plywood should move a lot less than dimension lumber but is not immune to it.  I live in a semi-desert climate with large differences between summer and winter temperatures and therefore large swings in humidity.  My benchwork is all plywood and I still get issues with seasonal expansion and contraction.

Dale Gloer

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