Re: Wiring a Helix for DCC

Brian Eiland

This subject of track expansion comes up again and again. I even started a separate subject thread on this subject, and it does appear to be a roadbed issue rather than the track itself

Track or Subroadbed, ...Expansion\Contraction problems

What exactly is the problem that almost all us face with our model railroad track seeming to change shape (length in particular), with temp & humidity variations? Can it be attributed to the track alone, or the subroadbed alone?  ...or primarily to __?

I've heard a number of folks who say the expansion/contraction of our rail itself is minuscule compared to that of the wood that most of our subroadbeds are constructed of.?... And that is the primary reason we experience what appears to be a change in track length, but its really the roadbed the track is attached to??

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 3:27 PM, John Cahill <johncahill25@...> wrote:
I have a similar helix and use threaded rod but never thought to use them as a bus. Interesting concept. I did stagger joints as it helped keep kinks out of the rails. I fed the busses up round the rods inside and outside for the two lines and wound them round the rods taking feeders off to each yard of track (don’t like soldering fishplates to track). Solder as usual to convenient spot on the rails. Hope this helps.

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