Re: Older Shinohara Turnouts

George Galyon

Our club has two Shinohara turnout assemblies (a 3-way and a double x-over) with the "old" double cross-bar design.  Both work well in DCC and DC with just point-to-stock rail derailments..nada.
Try it'll like it. I think the saving grace is that these turnouts have a generous "gap" between the point rails and the stock rails ...generous enough so that none of our rolling stock bridges the point-to-stock
rail gap.  And..we keep the point and stock rail contact area clean with an occasional swipe. 

Note:  I did jumper wire the point-to-closure rails on the 3-way for better electrical gapping though. 

Note:  I did "putty up" the X-crossings on the double crossover to eliminate shorting.  You need to cover the vertical surfaces at the crossing for good DCC operation.  With India ink I needed to put an auto light bulb in one (of the two) feeder wire.  With JB weld I got enough thickness on the vertical surfaces of the X-crossing so I didn't need the light bulbs.
ref.  See Double-crossover article on "Wiring for DCC" web site. 

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