Re: Reverse Loop inside another reverse loop

Steve Haas


Ed Robinson asks:


“I have a reverse loop that is controlled by a PSX-AR and I have added a quarry at the end of this loop that is controlled by a wye.  I understand that this creates another reverse loop but that I can manually control the turnout at the end of the wye using a DPDT switch. My question is: what does this do to the PSX-AR sensing functions - with or without another loco in the original loop?”



It's a bit difficult to answer this question without knowing the lengths of the various tracks, and how you intend to operate engines/trains in that portion of your layout.


Having said that, this can be done with only one PSX-AR.  There are several ways to wire this:


  1. Control the polarity of the stub end of the wye with contacts on the switch machine for the turnout that controls the access to the stub end of the layout.
  2. Use the PSX-AR on the reversing loop. Beyond the gaps to the wye the wye tracks and stub can be controlled the same as the track entering the reversing loop – the PSX-AR will align the polarity of the reversing section to the main track out side the reversing loop or the stub end of the wye as needed.
  3. Extend the mainline block through one side of the entrance turnout, through the first turnout to the wye, that side of the wye and the stub track. The remaining portion of the reversing loop and (optionally) the other leg of the wye.


There are variations on most of those options depending on which makes the most sense for your track plan and how you intend to operate the area.  If I were a better artist I’d draw out some examples for you. 


Just remember, the track that creates the ability for a train to reverse itself isn’t necessarily the section that should necessarily be powered by the PSX-AR.


Let me know if you need more help with this!


Best regards,




Steve Haas

Snoqualmie, WA

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