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Daniel Thomson

No automatic soldering iron but there are Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs).  These are a crimp on connector that slips over the buss wire and accepts the feed wire along side and has a metal bridge that is squeezed down, displacing the insulations and jumping a connection between the wires.  At about one inch long and applied with a squeeze of pliers this is a solid, secure connection.  They can be purchased by gauge of the main wire and gauge of the feeder wire.  No wire stripping, no wire twisting, no hot irons.
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I wish there was an automatic soldering gun. Underneath the table is a real challenge for us mature guys :)

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Hi Tim,

I am also a firm believer in soldered connections to the bus.  Be sure to stagger your connecting drops to the bus.  In other words do not allow your connections the possibility of shorting together.  Also I would highly recommend this kind of wire stripper
This type is available from many suppliers.  This stripper actually "pushes" the insulation apart to allow your jumper to be soldered.  This is illustrated at minute 1:40 on this video How To Use The Automatic Wire Stripper
This will save you a ton of time.  Good luck.

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HI guys -- im hopefully starting a layout this weekend with a test module -- the layout will be made of 1x2 foot sections (for ease of handling) -- my thoughts are 10 or 12 gauge wire for the power bus, and ideally 20 or 22 gauge risers to the track -- every section to have a riser on it to ensure good connections. 

I'll probably strip back sections of the bus, and solder the risers to it again to ensure good connectivity.

What else should I be doing -- I am planning to use NCE system, and I really want to get this right the FIRST time 

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