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Timothy Holmes

Hi Max, the layout will be 1 foot wide around 3 walls of a 10x10 room in 2 layers with a helix and one wall will be 2 feet wide for yards and staging

I like your idea for the sub busses in the detected sections -- and I think soldering to the busses is the way to go


On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 10:24 AM 'Max Maginness' m.maginness@... [WiringForDCC] <WiringForDCC@...> wrote:

I a word – no, or at least not reliably.   

 As examples see this 3M 14-22   and this


However the answer to your BD -20 question is addressed by these two sizes  – tap a 14 or 16 ga. wire as a sub-buss off one of the  main feeder wires, run this sub buss through the BD-20  and connect   the all track droppers  for one rail of the detected  section to it. Droppers for the other rail can go to a sub buss off the other main feeder wire, but of course no BD-20.

And don’t forget to insulate the detected rail from the adjacent section  rails.

If you are going to use a lot, a proper tool is recommended or the “connected forever” may be more hopeful than real.

And BTW just how big a layout are you contemplating, 10g main feeders is massive overkill for most cases.




San Luis and Rio Grande

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