Re: Hopefully starting new layout

Timothy Holmes

Hi Mark:

thanks for the good advice locomotives will be a mix of SD90/Mac43
(probably kato) and FP40s (not sure who) and maybe if I am lucky a few
broadway imports Modern Diesels w/ paragon 3 sound -- hopefully everything
will be sound decoder equipped

Train lenght -- initially it will be " representative trains" probably 5 -
8 cars because the distances between towns etc will be short

The layout will be built in a 10x10 bedroom, this will be N scale -- it
will be around 3 walls on 2 decks -- 1 ft wide with the exception of the
south wall which will be 2 feet wide

THis isnt my first layout, but it is my first in N scale

Im planning to use NCE equipment, the layout will be signaled and lit using
LightIt decoders and I am leaning heavily toward the Walthers DCC switch
machines b/c the decoder is in them and they are a lot cheaper than
circuitron -- we'll see -- gonna do a test

Im leaning towards micro-engineering flex track (code 55 if available --
need to do some research today) and possibly peco switches -- again a
research item for today

I'll be using the MiniPanel product to handle a lot of the layout
automation stuff -- signaling and switch control etc --

THe layout is designed for operation -- initially it will be a one man
show, but eventually if i can find another operator or 2 I may set up for
multi operator use

If the list will allow, I have attached the layout design to this e-mail,
if it does not they are in the San Luis and Rio Grande folder in the files
area -- I dont have feeder points marked yet, nor detection blocks etc.

Thank you for the questions, they make me think through things ---
hopefully, sinces its a miserable day outside here today, this will be
standards day were a lot of the standards stuff will be defined (type of
track, type of switches etc)

Im REALLY Hoping for lots of input

San Luis and Rio Grande

What I would suggest...

Let us know what Locomotives you intend to use...and how long a Train
would you like to run on it ?
How much space do you have to work with?



San Luis and Rio Grande

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