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Hi Vincent,
As I have said in an earlier post, I use DPDT, momentary, center off switches on my Kato HO turnouts. The Kato turnouts are of a "Twin Coli" type, and it works fine.
You can also use DCC, but it gets more complex, and you have to be sure you have the correct interface boards, as ones used for Tortoise will ruin the Kato coils.​

As for why use one or the other, it is strictly a matter of choice and the reasons for and against degrade into a never ending discussion that no one ever comes out feeling good about. So, evaluate what you want to do, and how you intend to do it, then press on. Both approaches work. The fun and complexity of one over the other is in the eye of the beholder.

Mike G.

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Hi Vincent:


Yes, Kato switches (turnouts) can definitely be used with a DCC system. Throwing them manually is no issue.


The turnouts are solenoids that are operated by reversing polarity. Thus you would need a DPDP-Center off, spring operated toggle switch. It  must be spring operated so contact is made only as long ads you hold the toggle in the desired position. This must be brief as too long a current flow will burn out the solenoid.


The Kato proprietary switch is not required, but it is probably the safest for operating their turnouts.


You can also use DCC decoders to operate the turnout solenoids.





John Wallis


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Question; can Kato DC switches be used with a DCC system? I'm planning on throwing the switches manually. That leads me to my next question; can I throw the switches using a single pole or double pole switch (which one)? and/or does Kato require their own propriety switch to be used? 


Thanks guys I always get good advice on this group.



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