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Brian Lewis

Absolutely. I was waiting for this.

It saddens me that folk demand absolute accuracy with regards to locos and rolling stock, but them plonk it on trackwork that bears little or no relationship to the prototype..... Some layouts I see, must owe their origins to Disneyland!  How can such layouts be called 'scale'?

I have been building track and pointwork for more than forty years, using as a baseline, original railways company's drawings. And I agree with you - Fast Tracks makes track building so easy.

On 23/04/2018 20:51, Kurt kurt.konrath@... [WiringForDCC] wrote:

If you really want to get this discussion going on who’s the best how about using hand made switches?

I build all my switches by hand now. 

Most using the Fast-tracks jigs for assembly off layout.  

If done properly the work great with proper look and no shorts. You can power frogs easy as well!

Kurt K 


Regards and thanks


Brian Lewis

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