Re: Best ho switches


Kurt I agree, I make all of my switches by hand now again using Fast Tracks jigs and filing tools, although recently I built a number 6 single crossover just using the paper template and the NMRA gauge and some Micro Engineering track gauges to hold the rail in place whilst being soldered to the PCB ties.   The powered frog is a real factor here, I have over 60 loco's and going back to add keep alives to all of them is cost and time prohibitive.

I don't like Peco they are a good looking turnout as far as it goes but I have an objection to the pressed point rails, don't like 'em.   Shinohara are reasonable but again the frog is a trouble point for me as the gap is wide and the wheels drop into the gap of the frog.   The way the points are joined causes shorts, although I have modified quite a few on my old layout using a PCB throwbar and replacing the point rails from the frog as one continuous rail from the gap at the frog to the end of the point rail.   Same as the fast tracks system I use.   The new layout under construction will have all hand laid turnouts.

Whatever you decide there are ways to get things working OK, Micro Engineering make a nice number 6 and it is pretty DCC friendly if you follow their instructions.   But they only make a number 6 and I need a lot of number 8's I may however use their number 6's in the staging, but it would depend on cost now that I have all of the jigs and filing tools that I need it is far cheaper for me to build my own.   I will need over 100 and have about 20 built now so it is slowly reimbursing me for the outlay of cost for the jigs.

Rob McLear

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