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vincent marino

I received an email from nce. They sell a control board for Kato switches. 

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There is no reason that one cannot use an NCE DCC control system with Kato uni-track... including the Kato track switches/turnouts. If it works with DC, it will work with any brand DCC equipment.


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I've about decided to redo my new layout from Bachmann ez track to kato unitrack. I'm redoing the layout because all the Bachmann switches are shorting out. Most everyone has advised to use Peco however I like the looks and practicality of the attached roadbed. Before I jump into another manufacturers track system I'm asking for advice this time.  

Question; are kato switches compatible with the new NCE dcc systems? On the kato website I see Digitrax zephyr hooked up to  the kato turnout.  Whats the deal? Can NCE be used or am I limited to digitrax?

thanks guys.

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