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Tortise are the best, I have at least 50 machines controlled by DS64's ( decoder-pro ect.). Bill T.

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If you can afford Peco code 83 turnouts, you will have the best. Yes, I’ve used all the others except Bachmann; but those guys do make some fine locomotives nowadays. Bill’s advice is good. (oh, the old Peco turnout motors are the pitts, use either a hand throw of Tortise.)
Bernie Halloran

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What's "best" depends in part on what you're looking for and are willing to pay.

For a variety of reasons, my railroad uses a combination of Atlas Customline, Walthers-Shinohara, and Peco turnouts ... all DCC-ready from the factory.. The Atlas Customline turnouts typically are the least expensive of the three, lend themselves to easy installation of wiring for powered frogs, and work quite reliably. They, however, do not deliver a "prototypical" appearance. The Walthers-Shinohara turnouts usually are more expensive than the Atlas turnouts, but less costly than the Pecos. They also look reasonably "prototypical," but unlike the Atlas Customlines creating a powered frog requires carefully soldering on their underside. While my Shinoharas work very nicely, it took a bit of learning to achieve that result. It is critical to recognize that they flex rather easily, so you must take care to install them on a flat and even surface. The Shinoharas also have fairly tight tolerances and you must be very judicious in painting their surfaces. Peco makes some really nice product, but I've found it usually difficult to justify their premium price unless you are looking for an easy way to address the powered frog matter.


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I'm so discussed with bachmann ez dcc switches. I have shorts so I resorted to removing a switch to figure out what's going on. The dam thing shorts all by itself removed from the layout.

Question. I'm ready to redo the layout. What's the best dcc switches on the market today?

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