Re: wiring for a large layout

Bob Macionis

Thanks Don.   NCE folks advised me that for best operation I should not have much more than 10 locos operating in a booster district at one time.  That, with keeping bus runs to under 40 feet, means I need three boosters.   There are 250 feet of mainline track on each level, plus 100 feet of track that climbs from the lower to upper.
    There are 14 separate towns, with 10 to 30 feet between towns.  Each town will have its own circuit breaker that also covers the main to the next town.  There are 3 separate railroads that interchange.  For open houses, I want return loops at both ends (thus 6) so trains can run w/o an operator.
  All BOD’s will be located at the end their blocks closer to the booster.
  I am trying to try to minimize use of track power for anything other than powering trains. On my old layout, I used old power packs and other 12volt power sources to power tortoise machines, lights, turntables, etc. The auto reversers had Hares connected to the track for auto throw.  Most turnouts will be manually controlled.

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