Re: wiring for a large layout



Sounds like you have the right idea. But 3 boosters feeding 15 circuit breakers + 6 A-R sections sounds like overkill unless you have many operators with poor operating habits. Using separate places to run DCC track power vs control signaling busses is smart. Be sure to use twisted pair for DCC distribution (16 Ga or larger)with R/C snubbers connected at each far end from each boosters. (NCE sells them) Run the booster common tie wire in parallel with the feeders but continue it on to the next booster. You can run your 12V signaling supply in parallel with the throttle bus and other signal wiring. Be sure to locate the BD20 (or other) occupancy detectors close to the sub-bus track sections to be detected. You would be smart to dedicate a booster to operating turnouts and/or other accessory items using DCC power and commands.


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