wiring for a large layout

Bob Macionis

I am rebuilding my large HO layout with the hope of improving my wiring. Any suggestions for making it as good as possible will be appreciated.
I am using NCE. My former layout, about the same size as the new one, had a command station and one booster, with bus runs of up to 100 feet. I plan to add two more boosters and keep bus runs under 40 feet. The layout will be completely double decked, and the mainline run will be over 500 feet long.
I plan to have booster 1 (B1) power sections B lower, B upper, and C upper; B2 power C lower and D lower; command station (CS)
power F & G lower and upper; B3 power E lower, D upper, and A lower & upper by running the wires up thru the ceiling, across the aisle and down to A. I could add a fourth booster to power just A lower & upper if needed; there will be only a few locomotives running there at any one time.
I plan on about 15 circuit breakers plus 6 autoreversing circuit breakers controlling the 6 reverse loops. I have PSX and PSX-AR breakers currently. I plan to use block watchers and BD-20’s for block detection as part of a custom signaling system.
I will keep the track power bus wires next to the back wall, and the throttle control bus at the front edge. I will have a cable carrying 12 volts running everywhere to work the signals. Will that cable cause interference if too close to either the control bus or the power bus? The wire from the wireless base station to the command station will be about 30 feet. Is that ok for good performance?
Do I run a ground wire from booster 1 to the command station to B2 to B3? The ground will be about 20 foot sections. Is 12 gauge appropriate? I plan on 12 gauge for the bus wire.
This is my chance to get all the wiring done the right way. I have read all of the Wiringfordcc website & have learned a lot, but I thank you for any and all suggestions.

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