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The booster use a RJ-H/RJ9 or a RJ-22 jack.   They are not the same as the RJ12/14 used for cab bus and throttles.

They series of connectors are NOT compatible with the RJ12 and RJ14 jacks and sockets.  They are physically smaller than that the RJ12/RJ14.   This is the handset socket series, hence the RJH identity, which referred to the old phones where there was a cable than ran between the HandPiece you held my you hand to the side of your head to hear and speak with the phone.

If people would look at the link I sent on this very topic you will see the difference.  Here it is again.

The first picture you see is to relative scale and shows the difference.

The RJ11, RJ12 and RJ14 are the same physical size but do not have the same number of wire.

RJ11: 2 wires (Single phone line service)
RJ14: 4 wires (2 phone line service)
RJ12: 6 wires. (3 phone tine service)

NCE use Modular connector which have a convention on how they are names.  XpYc  where p= contact positions possible and c=contacts installed.  X & Y are the numerical value identifying the quantity of p and c.

Cab bus uses a RJ12         AKA  6p6c modular connectors.
Throttles use coiled RJ14   AKA 6p4c modular connectors
Boosters use RJH              AKA 4p4c modular connectors  (note the 4p….the connector is smaller)

NCE does NOT use RJ11 AKA 6p2C connectors.

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RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22

"" The 4P4C connector is the standard modular connector used on both ends of telephone handset cords, and is therefore often called a handset connector.

This handset connector is not a registered jack, because it was not intended to connect directly to the telephone lines. However it is often referred to as RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22. ""

Note: From experience The coil cord telephone handset cord will not work with NCE.

Handset wiring

Wiring diagram of 4P4C/RJ9 connector in telephone handset cord.

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Does anyone know the exact name of the 4pin control bus plug for NCE?   I bought a bag of RJ11 and they are way large than the NCE connector. 

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