Re: Modify KATO #4 HO Turnout, Wiring For DCC #2 19a

Mark Cartwright

Yes, I have pretty much modified nearly everything there is in N Scale, some HO and O scale too. Yes, you are beginning to get some serious clues.
Let us not go there. If you possibly can...skip the use of a #4.
Which Sized Locomotive do you intend to run?
Four Wheel truck as on a GP (#4)
Six Wheel Truck as on an SD (#6)
But what happens with a 10 in it's nomenclature....even in the tender ?
Watch the Experts back up a 4-8-4 and watch what happens...
Hey my layout resembles that !
Same damn thing happens to me when I try to back up a Kato FEF-3.
I modified a Kato #6 with longer closure bars to resemble a #9
Number 9...Number 9...Number 9
Did that help...?
Well it began to give me clues on how to run Long N Scale Brass Steam Locomotives with DCC and Sound.
$60 considerations?
Frying an N Scale Brass Locomotive with a LokSound Decoder installed is NOT an Option. I wanted to start a Revolution!
Number 9 meets but does not exceed expectations....
I want a Glitch Free DCC with Sound for 99.5% of my N Scale fleet.
What's that gonna take?
Oh Please Great Spirit ...Illuminate my Path!
I said on bended knee....
Layout ?!?!?
Your only a fooling me!
Put my locomotive on the table and tried to run it to the station...
The Railman said...
I tried to push my locomotive along...
Move over once Moved it over twice.
Come on baby don't sit there as cold as ice.
I run right home ...more research and asking Others who really don't know.
Then I began to read what the BNSF and UP do..
Who do KNOW....Those things equal to each other ...are equal to themselves.
Physics doesn't scale!!!
Then I find.... I got the number wrong!
I am traveling on the one after the 9 o' 9.
Yes though the BNSF mentions a #9...very few #9 turnouts are actually in use today.     
Like the BNSF and UP in actual practice..
Welcome to My Cavern...(basement).
==> #10 turnouts are now my minimal standard.
:)) Mark

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