Re: > Switchable Frog Turnouts from the 1960's for DCC ?


See about being DCC friendly. There have been several manufactured turnouts with no gaps to isolate point, closer, frog and frog rails all the way out to the end of the turnout. the point rails bend with the throw of the throwbar just like you are talking about. This puts the turnout in the category of a power routing type. There are three major issues

1. Contact of the points must be reliable to power the turnout. Will not stay that way with age, dirt or relaxed turnout machine pressure. If you must do this use an aux switch (relay type or frog juicer) to power them.

2. the gap between the stock rail and the open point rail small. You must make sure all wheelsets can accommodate that without inadvertently shorting on the back-side when passing through.

3. the frog rails must be isolated from other tracks to avoid polarity conflict and shorts when you throw the switch. Not necessarily a big deal until you try to run a loco up onto the frog end of a switch thrown the wrong way so the conductor doesn't have to walk too far to throw it. ;-) 


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