Re: Older Shinohara Turnouts

George Galyon

At our club we use two old-style Shinohara code 100 double-xovers with DCC and they work fine.  You do have to throw both divergent routes simultaneously to avoid shorting at the X (upper and lower)crossings.  With the old doubles you need to add some insulation at the K (left and right) crossings.  We also "fortify" the K crossings with auto light bulbs in the power feeds.  The Shinohara's are not by definition DCC friendly but they are more than "half-friendly" and good enough.  See Alan Gartner's website for wiring details but we don't do any wiring and all power is fed through the doubles by point-stock rail contacts.  Once in a blue moon we run a rail cleaner through the doubles and that's good enough.  Shinohara's point rails are rail stock...not castings or stampings, and they have a nice firm edge...   

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