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Monty, I've looked at your plans and...

1. There are no reversing tracks other than the 2 turn-tables. You will need to use them to turn steam locos around to go in the other direction. All other tracks should be wired for the same polarity.

2. Trains must flow CW out of the lower level and/or staging to get to the helix and the upper level tracks. Once at the upper level there is a very limited way to turn the loco around and/or run around standing/delivered cars to head a train down the helix in a CCW direction. The train turn around issue is actually repeated on the lower level. Carefully think that through and possibly modify as wanted for realistic train operation.

3. You may want to break the layout into 3 PSX protected Power Districts. 1) the 'blue' staging yard tracks. 2) All tracks to the left on the layout. 3) The helix and all upper level tracks.

4. Unless you go for radio controls, you will want to have multiple plug-in locations for your throttles. I see at least 6 useful locations. You cannot do this with only an NCE Power Cab as it must remain continuously plugged-in to the one and only PCP panel. I suggest going with an NCE Power Cab + SB5, or if you envision yourself using JMRI... go with an NCE Power Pro and use the Power Cab for a 2nd throttle and loco programming.

5. Place the command station / booster and PSX breakers near the helix. Run 14-16 AWG twisted pair wires out to their respective areas of the layout. Place R/C snubber/terminators at the far end of each sub-bus. Drop plenty of track feeder pairs using 20 AWG soldered connections. Be sure to verify track polarity as you wire it up.

6. Select an easily reachable industry stub and wire it up with a DPDT selection switch for double duty as a programming track.

7. Be sure to read and digest the wide variety of information on the website. It is not that difficult to get it right but there are a plethora of seemingly innocent mistakes just waiting to happen.

Get back with more information about your choice of turnouts and how you plan on controlling them.


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I have made small DC layouts in the past (largest 6 X 8).  Since retirement and kids being gone I have acquired the north bedroom for a large (relative term) layout. 
I have uploaded layout plans in the files section.  If anyone has the time I would like help, suggestions, etc in wiring it for DCC.  I am not totally ignorant of DCC as I have an old 4 X 4 layout on whicht I have been testing decoder installations.
I have heard comments about power buses, twisting wires, reverse loops and how they are different for DCC.
I am currently using a NCE Powercab for control and decoders are a combination of Soundtraxx and WOW.

I of course would like to minimize mistakes hence the request.

The layout drawings are in files starting with the name "PDF Files".

Any help or advice that can be offered will be appreciated.


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