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I have made small DC layouts in the past (largest 6 X 8).  Since retirement and kids being gone I have acquired the north bedroom for a large (relative term) layout. 
I have uploaded layout plans in the files section.  If anyone has the time I would like help, suggestions, etc in wiring it for DCC.  I am not totally ignorant of DCC as I have an old 4 X 4 layout on whicht I have been testing decoder installations.
I have heard comments about power buses, twisting wires, reverse loops and how they are different for DCC.
I am currently using a NCE Powercab for control and decoders are a combination of Soundtraxx and WOW.

I of course would like to minimize mistakes hence the request.

The layout drawings are in files starting with the name "PDF Files".

Any help or advice that can be offered will be appreciated.


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