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No special considerations required. If you have only one booster there is no issue as there will always be a path for current to flow from rail A of one power district through the decoder and back to rail B on a different power district, unless a protective breaker has tripped. Ditto for crossing A-R boundaries as a short circuit will be created by the first trucks to combine opposite rail polarities together, causing the A-R unit to flip and correct the problem. If you have correctly installed the power common wire between multiple boosters there will still be a path to power the loco when drawing power from rail A of booster 1 and rail B of booster 2 when a loco crosses those boundaries. This is one of the several reasons to provide that common bonding wire.


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Trying to think through what would happen if such a skewed pick-up engine crosses from one power district into another, or into an auto-reverser. It's giving me brain freeze. Any special considerations there?


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This is where purchasing a Keep Alive with the decoder comes in handy.  It will make up for the consequences of not having all wheel pickup.  The only think you must remember is let the keep alive charge up for a minute of so before you run the locomotive.

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I have a brass Consolidation I'd love to convert for operation on my DCC layout.  It appears the loco picks up right rail from the drivers and left rail from the tender.  I know I'll have to isolate the motor from the frame, but my concern is that the gap between the last driver and first tender wheel pickups may be large enough that if I do have a dead spot somewhere (e.g., in an already-installed turnout that works fine with my F7s) the loco will stall.  Does anyone have experience in this area, and am I being overly cautious/concerned?  Thanks!

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