Re: Converting a brass E-60 2-8-0 to DCC

Mark Gurries

As a general rule it is best to re-motor.  Many brass engines had very low efficiency motors that draw much higher currents than modern motor do.  Often they will require a 2amp decoder to work properly.

You will get smoother performance and less current draw and the Keep Alive will work a lot better.

The need for a flywheel goes away if you have a keep alive.   That said having one will make early movement of the engine better until the keep alive charges up.  Personally I always have one anyway.

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Is the existing motor suitable for DCC or will you need to remotor? Is there or will there be room for a flywheel? Charles

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I have a brass Consolidation I'd love to convert for operation on my DCC layout.  It appears the loco picks up right rail from the drivers and left rail from the tender.  I know I'll have to isolate the motor from the frame, but my concern is that the gap between the last driver and first tender wheel pickups may be large enough that if I do have a dead spot somewhere (e.g., in an already-installed turnout that works fine with my F7s) the loco will stall.  Does anyone have experience in this area, and am I being overly cautious/concerned?  Thanks!

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