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Sorry. This was meant for Vincent on the forum. But I didn’t realize that your response to me was by direct email until I had already hit the send button.

When I copied and pasted most of it to the forum, I forgot to change the name.




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Don, not sure why you're addressing this to me, as I sent no drawings.  Try addressing Vincent?


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Blair, The forum does not allow attachments. You must add drawings to the files section. Or you can send it to me directly at my email address.


You previously said ... "I purchased the PH-PRO-R it comes with the command station integrated with a 5 amp power station, UTP panel and cables. Additionally, I purchase a separate power supply for the pro cab."

A point of clarification... The Pro CAB doesn't need a separate power supply as it gets power from the NCE command station via the cab bus, except when operating in the radio mode. So what I was asking was a confirmation that you purchased the recommended P515 power supply for the PowerPro-R or if you are using something else to operate the command station and its internal booster. Using the correct names for objects makes it easier to understand and ensure that it will all operate as intended.


Be sure to also look at and/or and/or for lots of other information about NCE and DCC.


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The pro cab r by itself has 5 amps power according to the manual. The pb5
has five amps power by itself. enclosed is the wiring schematic I drew for
the layout see if it's correct.

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