Re: DCC-Friendly Walthers/Shinohara Turnouts

Alan Cushing

   Progressing with my 3-way Walthers switch installation.  Preliminary tests show that an RS3 diesel operates through it, with dead frogs, just fine.  However my Rivarossi Heisler does find the dead frogs and even shorts out at one spot.  Powering the frogs is obvious but shorts?  I thought this whole redesign for DCC was supposed to eliminate shorts of this kind.

   I have put together one electric ground throw that I had on hand to control the right hand switch and frog.  It has built in contacts that can switch the frog power.   Still have to buy a 2nd to operate the other part of the switch.   If people feel that Caboose throws are too clunky, then the electric one is worse as it is a lot bigger.  My club, North Shore Model Railroad Club, has hundreds of switch machines, most of which control the associated frogs.

   Also this scheme would allow me to run on DC if I want to.  Yeah, yeah, once you run on DCC sound you never want to go back.  But they still sell DC locos which I still have.  Can't remember when I last bought one though.

  Still I am an operating guy.  These sidings are end of the line for logging; an empty train can come up from town, drop the empties, use the escape track to uncouple the loco and get out, and then pick up loads to go back to the sawmill.

   The last electric throw I used never failed me for 20 years.  If looks were a problem, then putting in a switch machine like a Tortoise, or Cobalt, would solve all of this but would require some panel for the control switch or control it through DCC.

  Moving on,


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