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- Join the yahoo group Digitrax@... (you may already be a member; yahoo no longer allows users to see the membership list, as far as I can tell); it's run by users, not the company, so you'll get more than 'the company angle'.

- Ask here on WiringforDCC - the nature of DCC systems is such that for new users, it's difficult to determine if the issue they're stuck on is system-specific.  The group is pretty lenient about what you might think are "off topic" questions, as long as it's still DCC related.

- Cruise the support info at Digitrax(both the FAQs and the tech support depot); content is sometimes just as 'thick' as the manuals, but it's also sometimes the best source of specific Digitrax answers you can get.  It just depends.  You might also derive some benefit from reading some of the 'case studies' on the Digitrax website.

- get your hands on a copy of the "Digitrax Big Book of DCC"; though extremely dated, and in a few cases dead wrong, it's still a very useful guide.  If you were local, I'd loan you mine.

If it's your throttle that's giving you fits, try this:

You may also want to join the JMRI yahoo group, though it's primary purpose is software support of all systems.  JMRI's decoder pro makes hand-programming of locomotive CVs a distant memory (nightmare).  The software is free, the support is via the user group, and they are very responsive to newbies.

Others may have their own favorites.  Hope this helps, it's a bit much of a swallow all at one go.


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          Just noticed that you are using Digitrax. Like Vincent, I am also very new to DCC and purchased a Digitrax system for my small layout.
          I get extremely frustrated with the worthless manual that Digitrax supplies.
          Do you happen to know where a newbie could get some simple instruction on how to use the Digitrax system? Programming? Setup? Etc?
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I'd prefer some experienced NCE users to chip in here; my world is Digitrax.. If no one does, I can try to sort the NCE manual for you; I'm sure it's not as bad as the Digitrax one, so there is hope...
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