Re: DCC-Friendly Walthers/Shinohara Turnouts

Annette and Dante Fuligni

Relax! I have a Walthers/Shinohara 3-way on my layout controlled by basic, non-powered Caboose controls. All frogs are, of course, isolated. It has bottom-of-rail connections between powered rails and the unpowered rails branching off the frogs (true of all DCC-friendly W/S turnouts). Therefore, power-routing is not an issue.

That being said, there are a couple of possible problems that depend on your motive power:

• First, there is a small section of rail between the 2 smallest frogs. Some motive power might short on this piece of rail. The typical solution, I believe, is to coat this short section with nail polish or equal.

• Second, again depending on your motive power, some equipment might lose power over the isolated frogs. This can be resolved in the usual ways: keep-alive decoders in the motive power or frog-powering controls or Frog-Juicers. I added Frog-Juicers: one to power the largest frog and one to power the 2 smallest frogs (one juicer can serve 2 frogs in this case because there will never be 2 different pieces of motive power traversing those 2 frogs the same time).

Remember, your particular motive power might not trigger either of the above issues.

Dante F

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