Re: Older Shinohara Turnouts

Alan Cushing

   About 25 years ago, I built a 12x14 layout wired for two throttles.  Maybe 10 years ago, I switched one throttle to DCC.  The layout used Walthers (Shinohara I believe) code 83 turnouts.  The main line used Tortoise machines while the yard, and a few sidings, used hand throws using the power-routing built into the turnouts.  I did have one switch, the yard throat, that refused to power route.  For that I substituted an electric caboose throw (220S).  Everything worked fine.  Each switch had the frog rails isolated.  The frog and its rails were switched either by its own power routing, by a caboose throw, or by contacts within the tortoise machines.

   I only had two DCC throttles so I never worried by power districts or seperate circuit breakers.

   Recently I have moved, put part of the old layout into storage, and am waiting for a new layout room to be built.  I purchased a 3-way Walthers DCC-compatible turnout to put into a logging siding.  Whoooaaa!  This is a new switch;  it requires external power routing, things just got way too complicated.  The basic caboose throw seems obsolete as it provides no power routing.  I suppose a frog juicer would do it but at $15/frog.  I was hoping to simplify the new layout design using more hand throws, less machines and control panels.  Where are we going?  What does a beginner with a small layout do?


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