Re: new dcc HO layout


Vincent, I agree w/ Allan. Your layout can be handled easily with a single cab (the NCE ProCab) and a single 5 amp booster. But there must also be an NCE command station. Did you actually purchase an NCE ProwerPro wireless system that contains the command station (DCC brains) in the same box as the booster, and came with the ProCab hand-held throttle and plug-in power supply? The wireless system also comes with a wireless transmitter box and the ProCab should already have its part of the wireless transmitter built-in. Also get at least one  UTP universal plug panel for the NCE control bus for plug-in operation. You will need all those pieces.

For a single operator RR, separating your 8 x 12 layout into 6 circuit breaker power districts is overkill. Test your track and wiring as you build to prevent construction/connection issues. A single operator will easily know when and where derailments occur.


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