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vincent marino

Allen, thank you for your reply. Yes I'm the sole operator.

I guess I should have joined the group prior to making any purchases.  

Since I already purchased the circuit breakers I guess I'll install them, it sounds like I'm approaching it correctly based upon your toggle suggestion even if it is an overkill.

I have a question concerning the NCE equipment I purchased. I don't know if you can help me with that. I bought Pro Cab R (wireless) and PB5 booster. Everything I read said the Pro Cab will run 2 loco but I'm interested in running up to 8 loco. Nothing I read gave any advice regarding the right booster for the wireless system. I purchased PB5 booster based upon what information I could pull from the NCE website. I hope it's correct I'm trying to find out before any installation takes place.

Hey man thanks again for taking the time to reply.   

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Your layout isn't large.  There may be a cheaper way to go.  How many operators will you have?

For a layout your size and I'm surmising that you won't be having operating sessions with lots of operators, it is fine to break your layout into the sections you suggest, but rather than using electronic circuit breakers, just use a toggle switch to kill the power to each section.

If you are a sole or couple of operators, when a train stops, it will probably be obvious where the problem occurred and you can solve it.  If not, start turning off sections until the problem goes away - you only have 6 max to turn off.  Not a big deal.  The last switch you turned off will tell you what section your problem is in and you can fix it.


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