Re: Large Gauge Ground Wire in Parallel with Loconet Gound Wires == Groundloop?

Chris Elliott

I’ve found that the new digitrax boosters won’t come on line if the ground wires in the loconet cables are cut.
Chris Elliott

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The way I read this statement the large gauge wire in parallel to the
Loconet 'ground'  wires does constitute a 'loop' and could cause a
reliability problem.

Thus, the recommendation in Allan Gartner's website to cut the Loconet
'grounds' at the boosters is valid.  Do you agree?

On 12/24/2017 05:03 AM, Mark Gurries gurriesm@... [WiringForDCC]
> Adding the large gauge parallel ground wire permitting a ground loop
> to be establish is the LESSER of the two evils.

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