Re: Wireless DCC tether between steam engine and tender

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Good question Gary. Several alternatives for using two decoders.

1.      Provide an electrical plug between loco and tender so you can separate them and program each separately on the programming track or mains. (Do #4 during the installation?)

2.      Provide tiny electrical switches so that you can disconnect either decoder from track power (only one side is necessary) during programming of the other one without interference.

3.      Set the decoders up with different addresses and consist them together when running.

4.      Set them up with different short addresses for programming and the same long address for running. Switch between short and long addresses for programming vs running.


Use programming on the main. Recognize that you don’t need to read the decoder to program CVs.  #4 is the easiest to do, but it is likely that #1 will be there already for other practical reasons.




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Allan writes:


>You can avoid running lots of wires between a locomotive and a tender by using two decoders.  I've put a locomotive decoder in the boiler and put a sound decoder in the tender. 



And how do you handle change CV's in just one of the decoders?


Gary Chudzinski

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