Re: Wireless DCC tether between steam engine and tender

Edward Sargent

First off the system we looked at was RailPro by RingEngineering


I don’t know if it would work with a tender wirelessly, if it does, it is a fairly expensive solution to use just to eliminate wires.

Drawbacks, If you have an existing DCC system to make use  of all the features you need to use JMRI or Ringengineering throttles and replace the decoders in all your engines. If you also take your equipment to other layouts the units equipped with RailPro decoders may or may not function.

Wireless consisting only works if the HC-2 throttle (or CI-1) is used.

HC-2 cannot currently control DCC decoders

HC-2 costs more than other vendors throttles


Another way of looking at it is without the HC-2 all the benefits of RailPro are gone, with the HC-2 the engines with normal DCC decoders are DOA.



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Thanks.  Would what you looked into lend itself to between an engine and a tender?  What was it?   What were the drawbacks?  Thanks.


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