Re: Starting on the right foot with turnout machines


I use the Team Digital SMD84 to operate up to 8 tortoise motors and/or twin-coil switch machines. Has programmable push button inputs, or can be operated from NCE DCC (or Loco-Net) commands. It is powered and takes commands from the DCC buss. Easily programmed by NCE, including multiple path selection macros from a single PB.

For a crossover, I simply wire the two motors in series (truly slow motion) or parallel. You can do that also with the NCE SW 8 MK2.  


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I've been reading up on Tortoise et al and want to make sure I'm starting on the right foot.  I have 7 turnouts that are (mostly) out of reach and will be getting machines.  After all the reading I'm leaning toward Tortoise (without the built-in decoder) and the NCE Switch 8 Mk2 since I have an NCE cab and would like to control the machines from the cab.  That said, my track buses are all done with DCC Specialities PSX and PSX-AR  boards, so does anyone have any experience with the Hare NG or Jack Wabbit compared to the NCE product that I should consider?  Thanks!


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