Re: Reversing Section Wiring question


Thanks, Don.  That was my thinking; since the A/D train will often be longer than the green, it makes sense to make the green plus red all one large autoreversing section.  Consists will often be 4 SD40-2 units, lead and trailing units sound equipped, so a relay reverser doesn't really cut it, unless one puts up with the sound resets, or outfits all applicable locos with keep-alive addons to avoid the resets, or artificially restricts the use of the switch at the lower right so that it never needs changing with sound units in the reversing section.  Not prototypical, as they arrived by running LH through that switch, but departed through the RH position after switching the harbour, then the sinter plant.

It does remain a little hairy, however, when I think about all the possible switching patterns, and whether they're adequately covered off by the large reverser.  I'll have to think it through a bit more, and if I see an exposed reversing scenario, I'll be back.

Thanks, both of you


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