Re: Older Shinohara Turnouts

George Galyon

We have two old style (double crossbar) Shinohara Code 100 double crossovers in operation at our club which work well in both DC and DCC mode.  You have to throw both divergent routes simultaneously to avoid shorting at the K crossings (the upper and lower crossings in the crossing diamond) and the X crossings require both gunking up (I prefer JB weld..we have used printers ink but it wears quickly) to build up an insulation layer on the track sidewalls (not the top) of the X-crossings.  We also find that bulbs in series with the track feeds really help prevent shorting at the X-crossings if the "gunking" is too thin.  The newer Shinohara C100 doubles
(with the single crossbar) do not need gunking but you still have to throw both divergent routes simultaneously.

G. T. Galyon
Olde Newburgh Model RR Club

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