Re: Digtrax radios

Dale Gloer

I have only DT100Rs so I can't comment directly but with the DT100R I
have not experienced the problmes you describe. I do have on problem
though related to thelocation of the UR91. If I hold any of my
DT100Rs within about 2 feet of the UR91, I lose control. I believe
this is due to overloading the receiver at such close range and I
intend to move the UR91 location so I can never get that close (it is
in the facia right now). Other than that I operate trouble free.

Dale Gloer

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I have been thinking of purchasing a new DT-4R and radio receiver
for my loconet and would like to hear feedback from those who
already are using them. The reason I ask is, I just had the
opportunity to run Radio's with DT-300's and 4r's. Clearly the DT-
4r's worked much better.

But, not flawless. A few times, I needed to re-plug in to stop my
locomotive from a slow creep or to just re-acquire it. It was like
the base station was not listening until I re-plugged in. Several
others, gave the impression this was quite normal.

Is this normal? Are their things that help reduce the problem? Do
all systems exhibit this issue from time to time?


Tom Weissgerber
Intel Corporation
Validation Tool Development Manager

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