Hy Gain 18AVQII Vertical 4 messages By Ben S ·
KRMC radio dual band. I’m trying to get the med 4 channel working on the UHF side. When I press to talk the radio acts as if it’s transmitting but don’t know if it’s going out. And I noticed that it is loaded with Buffalo county frequencies. Like othe... By Darrin Lewis ·
W1AW on the air By Brian T Schmidt ·
Net By Henry Angle ·
Ham Personality Types: I took this with a laugh, Don't take this too seriously! Or try to be the opposite of these types. 3 messages By Brian T Schmidt ·
Siren By Henry Angle ·
Net By Henry Angle ·
10m repeaters 2 messages By Brian T Schmidt ·
Fw: [WAARC-K4RC] LA Times Article About Ham Radio and War By Brian T Schmidt ·
Fw: Gary Reiss, WA0JRM, ham radio estate about 1/3 of it at Auction in Kansas City By Brian T Schmidt ·
147.000 repeater 5 messages By Darrin Lewis ·
Christmas Party By Michael Forsman (KEØTCF) ·
Net By Henry Angle ·
TV Vans for sale By Michael Forsman (KEØTCF) ·
Net By Henry Angle ·
Fw: [WAARC-K4RC] School Club Roundup By Brian T Schmidt ·
Two Reminders By Mike Osterberg ·
10m Opening By Brian T Schmidt ·
October meeting/Christmas Party 8 messages By Mike Osterberg ·
MARC 2022 Christmas Party Survey By Mike Osterberg ·
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