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Michael Forsman (KEØTCF)

Howdy gang,

I have set up this page to try to improve communications within the club. If you've used old-fashioned email mailing lists, this is very similar, but with a few advantages. 

Any messages sent to the group email, will open a thread and go to the other members. Replying to those emails will respond to the thread, etc cetera. Threads can be made and replied to on the site as well if that is more convenient. The nice part is we can moderate membership and such, so random people can't just spam the group and abuse it. 

We will be using this in place of manual group emails so that no one has to keep track of lists of members and their current email and worry about leaving someone off the message, etc. You can choose how often you'd like to receive messages, for example, whenever one is sent, or in a daily digest summary, etc.

If you have questions, let me know, I think this will be a much better way to keep in touch with each other going forward!
- Michael Forsman (KE0TCF)

Steven Dahl

Thanks for the work and opportunity to communicate more easily!

Danny Baer