New Coax

Al Ardon (N9UO)

Beautiful day. Needed to get this small micro project done before it really gets cold. Went and changed out my coax for the HF rig to my vertical. I purchased a custom length from ABR direct. They are very nice people, ham owned with female owners. I've been buying from them for a while now, getting jumper and lengths for my portable ops.

Sorry haven't been around much. I tried going back to full time but it didn't work out so I ended up back to part time at the Veterans Home. Time to switch back to inside related hobbies like radio and continued evolution of my work shop. I'll be installing a sub panel in the shop and wiring up for my MIG welder.

Anyone else got some irons in the fire? Glad to hear about them!

Hope to be around more for the nets and maybe make a meeting or two.

Al, N9U0

Michael Forsman (KEØTCF)

Great to hear from you Al, thanks for the update! I was glad to hear you on net last week, I had been meaning to check in with you and see how things had been since I hadn't heard from you in a while. I haven't been very regular on nets either though. Hoping that changes this winter.

As for irons in the fire, I have plenty. More than I can handle, as usual because I'm full of ideas for projects and never get around to most of them. Currently these are the main ones:
- Rebuilding the website platform that our club site is on. Making improvements and hopefully will get lots more Nebraska clubs on it eventually! 
- Still finishing up restoring Tom's 1929 radio. I just haven't worked on it for a few months because the garage was too hot and unpleasant. Hope to finally finish it now!
- I want to build a custom go-box for my IC-7100 in a big ammo can I bought. Have lots of ideas but not many concrete plans yet for how to accomplish it.
- I have plenty more radios and equipment of my own and others that I want to restore still as well, and lots of other small projects and ideas too!

Happy for the cooler weather! I got out my kerosene heater a couple days ago and set it up in the garage. I cleaned up most of the soot buildup and stuff. Replaced the wick, etc. Ready for some cozy nights in the garage while it's cold outside! I also got out my snowblower and got it ready for winter. So that should scare away any real snow for a bit haha. I bought it at the end of the winter before last and then never got to use it at all last year so it's still basically unused! Hope I can use it this year.
Michael Forsman, KEØTCF
Kearney, Nebraska
Buffalo Co., EN00lr

Al Ardon (N9UO)

Michael, it's always good to here back from you. I enjoy your projects, particularly your restorations. I've yet to figure out heat in the workshop. Maybe kerosene in the short term until I get my power sorted out. Down in the basement radio shack this morning twisting the knobs and listening on various bands. Propagation appears favorable at the moment.

Have a great day!

Al, N9UO