Wires-X #project

Matt Hagen <mattjhagen@...>

I did some research and found something I would like to try to implement at my station. Wires-X is kind of like D-STAR with a few other options.

What is Wires-X

WIRES (Wide coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an internet communication system that expands the range of amateur radio communication. WIRES-X uses local nodes(stations connected to the internet via PCs) as access points to relay communications of conventional amateur radio stations. Mobile stations using WIRES-X can communicate with amateur stations all over the world by using a local node access station operating within an amateur band. WIRES-X supports the new C4 digital communications mode, enabling C4FM digital signals to be repeated without deterioration of the communication quality. In addition, several new functions making use of digital formats are also made available.

In short; you can connect a node (which the radio frequency will reach and broadcast and receive over the internet with no special equipment (but the node I will need to purchase).


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