Web SDR available from my QTH #project

Michael Forsman (KEØTCF)

Howdy all,

Just wanted to let you all know of another new feature available on my website at https://ke0tcf.radio! I have recently set up a web-connected SDR at my QTH. It's still not quite finished and set up in its permanent configuration, but it is good enough to use! 

As of now, the configuration is a Raspberry Pi 4 running OpenWebRX software, connected to a NooElec RTL-SDR dongle. I have an upconverter inline with the antenna to take in HF signals and bump them up 125MHz into the range of the RTL-SDR. It's connected to a cheap active mag-loop antenna for listening, and all HF bands should be available on it. 

I hope to add a second RTL-SDR dongle to the configuration soon that will add VHF/UHF capabilities in as well. Not sure exactly when I'll get that purchased and added.

It's capable of decoding some of the more common digital modes too, so if you just click on the bookmarks for the mode you want, FT8 for example, it will automatically start (trying) to decode the signals it hears. It's not a perfect system though, keep in mind.

The software is quite easy to use, and you can access the SDR at https://ke0tcf.radio/Utilities/SDR to try it out. It does have a limit implemented on how many clients can listen simultaneously as the Pi can only handle so much, and I may have to adjust that limit, but if it kicks you out, just try again later.

Like all my little side projects, I'll keep this one going for as long as I can, but I can't make any guarantees that it'll be available forever. I'll update this thread with changes to the configuration or anything else pertinent!
Michael Forsman (KEØTCF)