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Mike Osterberg

Brian (and John and Ben):

Thanks so much for your help and enthusiasm for the EOC station. It does have the potential to be a very good setup with the right tweaking so on behalf of MARC, we appreciate it. 

You brought up the antenna being non-resonant, and I have expressed my thoughts on that previously. One step at a time, and proper grounding and filtering are important so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Thanks again, Gentlemen!


On Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 10:07 Brian T Schmidt via <> wrote:
Good morning all ya'all,

While at the last club meeting, John (N0WJS) noticed that those spikes on the 7300 waterfall at 80m were 1340 radio traffic. John and Ben had mentioned the Morgan BCI filters. I was curious to see how well they worked so i bought one to satisfy my curiosity.
I received the filter in the mail from R and L the other day. Drove up to Kearney yesterday to see if it would make any difference on our problem.





It makes a big difference. The ground lug is not attached to ground yet since the new grounding wire and bar have not been installed yet. Texted John and let him know what we found. When John got home from work we had a short QSO on 3.982 and I was getting him at about 55-56. While talking to John, Mike N0BAV joined in and I had a short QSO with him with about the same signal levels as John. The antenna up there still needs some work since it is not resonant on 20m and other bands.

Also worked with Darrin and Buffalo County IT to update the VARA software to the latest version. After the new version was installed, I connected to an HF gateway and sent some text messages to test Winlink.

Brian Schmidt

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