ISO Roof Tripod (maybe)

Michael Forsman (KEØTCF)

Hi all,

I am getting tired of the very bad setup my OCFD currently has. It was a compromise when I put it up, because I could get it on the air fast, but never meant to be terribly long term. So I'm looking at other options, and currently one of the leading ideas I'm considering is putting a hefty tripod mounted mast onto the roof of my garage.

I haven't decided on this just yet, but I just thought I'd put out some feelers and see if anybody in the area has a roof tripod with or without mast tubing that they might be interested in selling?

Again, I haven't decided just yet, so I'm not ready to buy right now, just trying to see what might be around if/when I am ready. 


Michael Forsman, KEØTCF
Kearney, Nebraska
Buffalo Co., EN00lr

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