RabbitMq puppet module query

Purushottam tiwary <purushottam.tiwary@...>

Hi Vox,

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I was using rabbitmq puppet module 4.0.0 long back and the same module is being used for managing the rabbitmq provisioning on RHEL6 and Puppet Enterprise 3.3.1.

Now we have to migrate to RHEL7 and use Puppet 5.5.x. The above rabbitmq puppet module version 4.0.0 seems incompatible with Puppet 5 on RHEL7.

Could you please suggest which rabbitmq puppet module shall i pull for Puppet forge so that existing rabbitmq server should be as it is and also able to continue with the rabbitmq existing version (3.6.6).

Thank you in advance.

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David Hollinger


The latest version of the RabbitMQ module (10.1.1) should be capable of installing and managing RabbitMQ 3.6.6

You'll just have to make sure you set the `$package_ensure` parameter in the init.pp to the version you want to install.