PDK 2.7 has been released

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The Puppet Development toolkit (PDK) provides integrated testing tools and a command line interface to help you develop, validate, and test modules

Where you can find it:
- https://community.chocolatey.org/packages/pdk/
- https://www.puppet.com/docs/pdk/2.x/pdk_upgrading.html

Key features/changes:

- Added

A RedHat 9 compatible package has been added.
A new Puppet validator for Bolt plans has been added by community member jay7x.
PDK Templates have been updated to 2.7.2.
Puppet 7.23 has been added to the packages.
Ruby 2.7.7 is now the default runtime used by packaged versions of PDK.
The minimum ruby requirement has been raised to 2.5.9./op

- Changed

PDK no longer ships with OSX 10.15 packages.

Legacy i18n support has been removed.

- Fixed

Selecting a Puppet Enterprise version with PDK_PE_VERSION will resolve the latest puppet gem relative to the PE release.

The vendored puppet-lint plugins have been updated to their latest compatible versions. This resolves an issue that top scope facts to be formatted incorrectly.

Deprecation warnings for bundle show will no longer be displayed when using the release command.